Nike Says New Shoe Might Lead To Sub-2 Minute Mile

Winning a marathon is a dream for runners and if that achievement below two hours will be a world record. The existing world record for marathon is two hours, two minutes and 57 seconds set by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya in 2014.

Nike unveiled a new concept shoes, Zoom Vaporfly Elite and assures that it would help athletes to break the record at just under two hours. The shoe maker has signed with world famous marathon runners Zersenay Tadese, Lelisa Desisa and Eliud Kipchoge to achieve sub-two-hour target. The company has been striving for a Breaking 2 initiative.

The news shoe will weigh around two ounces less than Nike’s Olympic sprinting shoe and would weigh around 198.45 grams or seven ounces. It will have an inch thick spongy sole and ultra thin carbon fiber plate that acts as a spring while free run sale

Nike Free 3.0 Review

A little while ago I reviewed the Adidas Adizero Adios and named them my favorite running shoe, well as fickle as this may sound, I’ve changed my mind.

While I still prefer the Adios for road racing and tempo runs, for all around comfort on easy to longish runs and for working on improving running technique, then the Nike Free 3.0 is now the shoe I reach for first out of an ever burgeoning and untidy pile of running footwear.

I’ve been no stranger to the Free 3.0 over a period of more than 12 months, from tentative exploratory and cautious 20 minute jogs, my use of this shoe (and I’m now on a second pair) has grown considerably in volume and variation.

At the top end I’ve run for 90 minutes or close to 20km, I even took them onto the track for a middling 5000m performance (I don’t blame the shoe). At the moment I’ve taken to wearing them for speed work (off the track), in fact I’m wearing them almost all the time!The only environment where they have struggled was in a 16km long cross country race on uneven grass, I developed a callousister that day – no that’s not your callous sister, it’s a blister that forms under a callous. Keep up with your foot maintenance regime to avoid this happening to you!

As I wrote about recently, the NB MT101 trail shoe has given me a good alternative to protect my feet against stone bruising on very rocky surfaces. However, the Free 3.0 also performs pretty well on rough ground, if you avoid the sharp stuff. There’s no glossing over the fact that they do collect a handful of gravel to throw into your landscaping after each run. I wonder if a future version of the Free could be developed with slightly shallower grooves to help avoid the intrusion and collection of my local government’s road surface?nike free sale

Nike created a brand-new running shoe to break a huge marathon record

Nike is breaking new ground with its “Breaking2″ initiative to help a group of three runners complete a full marathon in under two hours for the first time in history.

To aid its chosen athletes, the sportswear giant has developed a brand-new running shoe called the Zoom Vaporfly Elite, which will be worn during the marathon attemptsIt uses tech called ZoomX, which refers to a new kind of midsole cushioning system. It’s designed to give runners more energy return during push-off while providing additional support for the long run.

This makes the Elite different from other racing shoes, as most models are very flat without much cushioning. The ZoomX foam is also softer, lighter, and more responsive than other foams.Other innovations in the Elite include a carbon fiber plate in the shoe that “minimizes energy loss at toe off, creating a smoother transition.”

The Elite is a concept shoe that won’t be for sale, but the shoe and its ZoomX tech will be adapted for the mass market as the Zoom Vaporfly 4%. That 4% refers to Nike’s claim that the technology allows runners to be that much more efficient in a marathon compared to its previous fastest marathon shoe.For runners looking for a more full-featured shoe, Nike is also making Nike Zoom Fly, a shoe durable enough for both racing and training, and the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34, which is not for racing but offers balance between comfort and support. All three models will go on sale on June 8.

Yeezy Boost 350 X Nike Roshe Run Custom Sneaker by AMAC Customs

The Yeezy Boost 350 silhouette has been blasted for being “inspired” by Nike’s uber-popular Roshe Run, and rightfully so. With its similar knitted sock-like upper and Boost/Phylon sole, the shoe does bear some uncanny similarities. But one fan took it upon himself to create a custom sneaker — fusing the two camps together. The result is a Nike Roshe Run matched with the Yeezy Boost 350′s recognizable printed mesh upper. The custom will become available in a limited run of 25 units on July 10 for $179 USD, a price tag that pales in comparison to what the Yeezy Boost 350 is reselling for now. Head over to AMAC’s website for more details.

The Roshe Run Becomes a Nike Air MAG in This Custom Job

The latest in this year’s series of tributes, both official and otherwise, to the Nike Air MAG is a custom Roshe Run by designer le shoechainz. Here, the Phylon midsole has been painted grey speckled with electric blue, with LED lights incorporated into the shoe for that essential futuristic touch. Otherwise, the grey upper with a Dynamic Flywire build to mimic the lines on the sides of the original Air MAG add to the overall aesthetic of the custom. For more photos, check out le_shoechainz‘s Instagram, through which private orders of his customs can be made.

Read all the documents related to the Process Water Recycle Project

State guidelines gave PID directors two choices recently: Change the way the district treats its waste washwater (process water) to meet NPDES discharge requirements, or treat the process water to remove solids and recycle this water back to the treatment plant. Directors adopted the second option. After a thorough evaluation of potential alternatives the Board approved the most feasible alternative that is fully described in the Preliminary Design Report, which will terminate the NPDES permit and eliminate the costly and non-compliant discharge to Magalia Reservoir, and treat the process water for potable reuse.

Either choice allows the District to continue treating water with the same stable, optimized and successful plant which produces good quality drinking water that its customers appreciate.

Recycling this water back to the Treatment Plant will add between 600-800 acre feet of water annually to PID’s water system—meaning that much less needs to be drawn out of Paradise Lake that will conserve our precious water supply that is subject to reoccurring drought conditions.


Do you want the good news or the not-as-good news first? We’ll start with the good news: Those Nike Air Max 90 Essential’s in a Hyperblue Suede we previewed a couple weeks backlook even better now that we have additional preview shots to share. Rocking a deep …
Do you want the good news or the not-as-good news first? We’ll start with the good news: Those Nike Air Max 90 Essential’s in a Hyperblue Suede we previewed a couple weeks backlook even better now that we have additional preview shots to share. Rocking a deep Hyperblue upper fitted with a black patch at the heel and a leather Swoosh alongside, these will have you feeling relaxed and casual from the second you slip them on. Adding a bit of contrast and comfort is a white midsole below carrying the iconic Air unit while tonal laces tie-off the look. The other news? Originally thought to drop later this month, Nike dealers are now projecting them to release in early April. Luckily, you can lock in a pair for yourself by pre-ording through the U.K.’s end clothing.

Nike Air Max 1 “Atmos Elephant” arrives in March for #AirMaxDay

The Nike Air Max 1 “Atmos Elephant” was the undisputed winner of the Air Max Day 2016 Vote Back campaign. The collaboration spliced a staple Nike motif with meticulous color blocking to highlight the subtle jade Swoosh.

Co-created by famed Japanese retailer, Atmos, this sneaker was originally part of the “Zoo Pack,” released in 2006.This pair features Elephant print through the mudguard and around the collar while Black hits the panels. The Swoosh and Nike Air branding appear in Clear Jade color scheme. Completing the look is the White which hits the toe box and runs through the midsole.

Look out for the Nike Air Max 1 “Atmos Elephant” set to release March 2017 at select local retailers.

In the meantime, check out images below and let us know in the Comment section if you are looking forward to this release.

Introducing Classical Nike Free

While considering sneaker brand Nike, the series of Nike Free shoe begin a great part of talking comparatively. Nike sketched one of the most classical works and individuals get involved with conversations. However, the usual-motion beneficial of running barefoot and comfort makes this shoe come out in conversation. Certainly it is, this series of sneaker is accurate is conveying the great beneficial foot motion of running barefoot. It brings the vital guard through the necessary cushioning, traction and underfoot guarding. It is qualified sufficiently to get the welcomes of the world.

Each thing does have its own mission. Similarly, nike free shoe does have the similar thing. It is designed to distribute the usual-motion benefits of running barefoot. Nike free running shoe introduces its wearer with a lineup of supple outsole and ultra-light materials to select from. Breathable mesh along with a multi-layer construction make a lightweight, second skin like fit. However, there is still, the appearance and the feel-even the degree of suppleness of shoe. Nike free shoe adopts the advanced shoes while making technology in both outsole and insole. The traits of this shoe include closed-mesh upper being breathable and lightweight comfort, flywire material being technically used for lightweight lateral support in the forefoot, thin, lightweight TPU film while encompassing the flywire for support and comfort.

Air highlighted by the long-awaited release of Nike Air VaporMax.

Highlighted by Release of Nike Air VaporMax

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three years ago Nike launched Air Max Day, a response to global fervor for one of the most beloved footwear platforms of all time. Today, Nike begins a journey to this year’s Air Max Day, a worldwide celebration of

Nike will celebrate Air Max Day on March 26 by marking the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1, the shoe that pushed footwear to unprecedented heights with new cushioning style and performance features. Throughout March, Nike will release a mix of retros, remixes and innovations. This fresh line-up of Air, including the highly anticipated Nike Air VaporMax, represents the latest chapter of Nike’s longstanding commitment to serve athletes. The new product delivers on what consumers want, by transforming the athletic footwear landscape with the most powerful and resilient underfoot platform yet.

“The Nike Air VaporMax is a tremendous example of what happens when we harness the combined insights of our design collective. When designers embrace the technology, and push its potential, we have a boundless future. Just as the Air allows us to run forever, it allows our imaginations to ponder near limitless permutations,” said John Hoke, Vice President, Global Design for Nike.

Air has been an integral part of Nike since it was first introduced in the 1979 Air Tailwind. In the decades since, it’s drawn strong consumer devotion; a massive and passionate consumer fan base that has driven design and depth of product. Nike Air has disrupted the industry with color, materials and the Air platform itself. For the first eight years it was hidden – felt rather than seen. Then, in 1987, it became visible with Air Max. It soon evolved, spreading from running to basketball to training and tennis, all while becoming a coveted lifestyle product across the globe. The line quickly endeared itself to consumers because of its responsiveness to movement, its durability, and its groundbreaking and beautiful design.

Through it all, Nike Air technology has driven the industry forward, and continues to define what’s possible with underfoot cushioning. With Nike Air VaporMax, athletes get closer to the sensation of Air than ever, with layers removed between the foot and the Air platform itself. This innovation and dedication has created a product that consumers are passionate about, and demand year after year – and the Nike Air Max delivers yet again.