Kids Run the planet: Nike Partners with Marathon Kids

Running is really as fun because it is fulfilling and challenging. In addition to that, it’s a uniquely accessible sport with significant psychological and physical benefits that have the possibility to serve you for a lifetime. Each stride is really a step toward improved wellbeing and health. Running is definitely the basis of every athlete’s journey.

We realize that good habits start at the start of life. support and motivation to live happier, healthier lifestyles. The Marathon Kids program engages kids inside asimple and positive, goal-driven running program that challenges these to run the equivalent as high as four marathons (from 26.2 miles to 104.8 miles) during the period of a 3-, six- or nine-month running club season or school year.

Active kids work and play better. They score as much as 40% higher on tests and therefore are 15% more prone to visit college. They likewise have increased concentration, better school attendance and behavior, healthier dietary habits along with a stronger feeling of self than inactive kids. Studies have shown that inactive kids are more inclined than active kids to develop as much as be inactive adults, with significant health consequences.

Nike and epidemic is committed to helping end it, starting with kids, by providing early, positive experiences with sport and physical activity. Partnering with Marathon Kids is really a step (or mile! ) in support of the effort. We realize that many kids can walk a minumum of one mile every twenty minutes. So, this is a great way to make physical activity part of their future and give them the support necessary to get moving.

Nike, Together and Marathon Kids will reach over 500,000 kids across the nation within the next a couple of years. Kids will become familiar with to embrace running, discover their athletic capabilities and discover their passion for movement, using the full support of Nike, Marathon Kids as well as their families, friends and coaches behind them. neighborhoods and communities around physical activity, this partnership has the power to change the way we make sport a part of our lives.

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