Nike Vapor Track & Field Kits with AeroSwift Technology

Nike’s new, faster Nike Vapor track and field kits featuring Nike AeroSwift technology are designed to enhance overall human potential for speed and at the same time address the specificities of each athlete and event.

Made from innovative, lightweight Nike AeroSwift technology featuring recycled polyester, the kits reduce and simplify construction in an effort to minimize weight. This performance hybrid is made possible by an advanced manufacturing process that pairs a four-way stretch knit with breathable, engineered mesh that also integrates Nike AeroBlades.

Engineered into the apparel in strategic areas — identified via hundreds of hours of wind tunnel testing — Nike AeroBlades disrupt and improve the air around the athlete, resulting in the greatest drag reduction of any Nike track & field kit to date. And unlike past aerodynamic technology, which was specifically designed for sprints, Nike AeroBlades assist all runners. “In past years, we had focused on sprinters,” Ken Black, Nike Creative Director, explains, “but this year we wanted to create an innovation that went across all running disciplines — from sprint to mid-distance to marathon, to name just a few.”

The kit’s adaptability is also visible in its construction. Complementary products have been developed for distance, sprint and field events, which provide athletes with options specifically developed for distance, sprint and field events, meaning athletes can tailor the kit to their personal preferences, based upon performance needs and conditions.

Nike’s commitment to eliminating distraction extends to the development of a new NikeGRIP running sock, a two-sided solution that considers both the inside and outside of a sock to maximize grip at the weight-bearing areas of the foot: around the heel and along the bottom of the forefoot, which minimizes slippage in stride.

National Track & Field Federations, including the United States, Brasil, Germany and China, debut Nike Vapor kits with AeroSwift technology for 2016. Each kit’s respective aesthetic captures the energy of Rio and Brasil’s dramatic nature via the common theme of exploded, vivid color, which extends the respective country’s national palette with rich saturated hues and vibrant neons. Individual details reveal each country’s culture and history at the same time graphic lines highlight the body in motion.

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Why I Run: David Mu?

Once I opened my restaurant DiverXO, I stopped practicing sports and place on almost 70 pounds. mine and life, particularly – since I have to try everything before serving it – is not as good as it should be in terms of eating. You begin at 9am and complete at 12pm; you are trying 80 different dishes. And when you don′t possess a minute to take a seat and also have a proper dinner, whenever you arrive home you consume all of the food which you couldn′t eat during the day. I could feel my body, my chest, my belly bobbling, even though i slept worse, I was tired, anxiety was killing me…and suddenly I realized that one of the things I was missing in my life was sport.The first time I went running after gaining weight was very strange.
I′ve always been a slim person. I made the decision to help keep running since the feeling you receive with sports is spectacular.Lots of times I′m thinking to myself: I′m very tired, We have to avoid, I can′t ensure it is any farther. When I commit to something, I never give up, though and it′s true. If I’m not running with my wife or with a Nike Run Club, I prefer to do it on my own and listen to different types of music, namely electronic music, house music, disco music.
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