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New Emerging Brand /Get More Attention in Chinese Market

In contrast to billionaires, individuals with reasonable earnings in China brand Gucci handbags suppliers are eying some worldwide growing manufacturers and looking for items of separate developers.Jiang Bingyu said she, like Ye, likes the handbag-maker Bree. “I first met it in an store in Malaysia and was stunned at its simple and realistic style, smooth set material and wealthy shades,” said the 35-year-old manager of a designer Prada HandBags company journal.Set up in 1970 in Hanover, the product was identified by its mailman-bag-design style and humanistic framework, and won a sequence of style benefits in the Western.It made forays into Japan in the early 2000s. Sales were smooth in the China suppliers in the first several decades, but saw recognizable development over the last three decades.Jiang said that the offshore travel helps many China know more about international manufacturers and become more innovative in their shopping. She confessed that she gets information of many In german growing manufacturers, such as Marc O’Polo and Joop, when viewing European countries.“LV and Prada are manufacturers fit for my mom and dad. With a wage of 15,000 yuan, I don’t want to spend a whole month’s pay or even more to get a bag used by individuals all over the world,” she said.He also said that as some growing manufacturers older and require well-known suppliers, they need the knowledgeable suppliers to use their system and popularity to market the growing brands’ items in new marketplaces. They don’t have the durability of conventional high-class manufacturers to do brand-building and set up systems in a few months.

NIKE LEBRON X Gold Medal &NIKE LUNAR HYPERDUNK 2012 basketballs shoes

This year is the tenth anniversary of the cooperation of the LeBron James Nike Basketball. LEBRON X released this breakthrough moment, Nike new jordans Basketball performance innovation to a higher platform. The LEBRON X as Nike + Basketball technology first signature basketball shoes will be configured in the specified color shoes Nike + technology, not only can be tracked and evaluation of field performance, at the same time through the app with the application software will be able to achieve real-time feedback. In addition, paragraph shoes both solid lock wrapped, excellent impact cushioning buffer, as well as lightweight and comfortable to wear. This shoe is designed with dynamic protection, compression protection features and excellent response, designed to the explosive force players to provide support. The shoes combine 4 Nike’s most advanced innovation and technology, the transparent external whole palm Nike Zoom Air unit for the first time, dynamic Flywire fly line technology, Air Jordan Shoes wholesale Hyperfuse structure and Nike + Basketball Technology, basketball shoes technology has leapt to a new platform.NIKE LUNAR HYPERDUNK 2012 Nike + Basketball is an unprecedented experience in the Wholesale Nike Free Run Shoes sport , combined to create a new movement feel the shoes will be equipped with digital technology and interactive mobile applications. Nike + Basketball parse the user’s movement, measured by a variety of data and information to enable them get motivated. Nike + Basketball jump height measure athletes in every game against the strength and speed of response. Technology is the core of this revolutionary movement experience the Nike + Pressure chip installed in the Nike Hyperdunk +. This chip can record the user’s movement data, and then sent to the user’s mobile phone via wireless data transmission, after this information will be automatically converted into data completely unable learned in previous training or competition. Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 color is metallic silver gray surface combined with bold bright pink and blue, very unique. The shoes designed to allow the wearer flexibility in a variety of daily activities,wholesale Air Jordan 1 basketball shoes, this new interpretation, so that the wearer can convert freely between the stadium and the free sale

Everything You Need to Know About Oakley Sunglasses

When one brand is a top choice for athletes all over the world, you have to wonder what makes them so special. Oakley sunglasses are the number-one maker of high-end performance eyewear thanks to its numerous innovations over the years. A simple product description just isn’t enough to tell you all about what goes into producing a pair, so use this as your guide to picking out your next pair of Oakley shades.Many Oakley sunglasses are made with O Matter (R), a lightweight, plastic material that is made specifically for strength and durability, with shock absorption and the ability to weather the elements making them perfect for outdoor sports. Metal frames are constructed with either titanium or C-5 alloy, both extremely lightweight materials that are equally as as strong. You may notice that the nosepieces and “ear socks” are made of what Oakley calls Unobtainium, named for the curious way in which the material used increases grip in the face of moisture, so the frames will stay on during a sweaty game of football, an exciting day water skiing, or any other situation that leads to wetness behind the ears.Oakley offers a variety of lens colors not just for aesthetics, but each shade serves its own purpose for varying weather conditions, sunlight levels, and activities. This is the main reason the brand developed Switchlock interchangeable lens technology, which allows wearers to change up their lenses easily and securely according to their visual needs. Each color provides optimal vision in the appropriate lighting conditions, while iridium coating reduces glare. Visit Oakley’s site for an easy-to-navigate list of each option and its ideal use.

Eye Spy: Anthony Bourdain in Persol Sunglasses

If you’ve seen Anthony Bourdain’s hit show “No Reservations,” you know that the chef/author is quite experienced with the beauty you can find all over the world. Whether he’s sampling live seafood in Korea or enjoy the local delicacies of Morocco, it’s clear that Bourdain knows a thing or two about the finer things in life.This obviously means he is a huge fan of Persol sunglasses! We’ve seen him out and about on “No Reservations” with his favorite pair of Persols in the past, but he’s donning a brand new style in the ads for his new CNN show “Parts Unknown.”Above, Bourdain is wearing Persol 3028S sunglasses in color 95/31, a beautiful Italian-made frame with a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge, a patented Meflecto design on the temples that relieves pressure on the head, and the brand’s signature arrow motif around the hinges. Silver accents can be seen on the bridge as well. This particular frame is quite convenient for those who are always on the go, as there are actually multiple hinges so you can just fold them up and tuck them away. Aside from the typical hinges on the outer corners, the bridge also folds in as well, making it easy to keep in your shirt pocket or a small compartment in your purse. This frame is also available in tortoise with silver accents.

Frame of the Week: berlin Nameless 2012 Sunglasses

After a sweltering weekend in the city, we thought it was about time we showed you some awesome designer sunglasses in our Frame of the Week series. For serious protection with a whole lot of style, we look to ic! berlin this week.Our frame stylist Alex is wearing a pair of ic! berlin Nameless 2012 sunglasses in Piano Rough. This is a combination frame, meaning it’s made up of multiple materials for a cool look. The front rims feature a subtle dark brown pattern with a rectangular silhouette, accented with a strip of white around the edges. Its arms are attached via a screw-less hinge, using interlocking pieces for a super flexible and resilient pair of shades that you don’t have to worry about loosening or falling apart. The arms are constructed with titanium, which gives this frame its ultra light weight feel as well.Nameless 2012 is also available in plain black, smokey grey with a matte marbled design and graphite arms, and brown with green accents and coffee-colored titanium.Did you know we have a huge new selection of ic! berlin eyewear available on our website? We just added a ton of new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Many of the children’s frames were actually designed by children themselves! Check them out and let us know what catches your eye.

Yeezy Boost 350 X Nike Roshe Run Custom Sneaker by AMAC Customs

The Yeezy Boost 350 silhouette has been blasted for being “inspired” by Nike’s uber-popular Roshe Run, and rightfully so. With its similar knitted sock-like upper and Boost/Phylon sole, the shoe does bear some uncanny similarities. But one fan took it upon himself to create a custom sneaker — fusing the two camps together. The result is a Nike Roshe Run matched with the Yeezy Boost 350′s recognizable printed mesh upper. The custom will become available in a limited run of 25 units on July 10 for $179 USD, a price tag that pales in comparison to what the Yeezy Boost 350 is reselling for now. Head over to AMAC’s website for more details.

The Roshe Run Becomes a Nike Air MAG in This Custom Job

The latest in this year’s series of tributes, both official and otherwise, to the Nike Air MAG is a custom Roshe Run by designer le shoechainz. Here, the Phylon midsole has been painted grey speckled with electric blue, with LED lights incorporated into the shoe for that essential futuristic touch. Otherwise, the grey upper with a Dynamic Flywire build to mimic the lines on the sides of the original Air MAG add to the overall aesthetic of the custom. For more photos, check out le_shoechainz‘s Instagram, through which private orders of his customs can be made.

Read all the documents related to the Process Water Recycle Project

State guidelines gave PID directors two choices recently: Change the way the district treats its waste washwater (process water) to meet NPDES discharge requirements, or treat the process water to remove solids and recycle this water back to the treatment plant. Directors adopted the second option. After a thorough evaluation of potential alternatives the Board approved the most feasible alternative that is fully described in the Preliminary Design Report, which will terminate the NPDES permit and eliminate the costly and non-compliant discharge to Magalia Reservoir, and treat the process water for potable reuse.

Either choice allows the District to continue treating water with the same stable, optimized and successful plant which produces good quality drinking water that its customers appreciate.

Recycling this water back to the Treatment Plant will add between 600-800 acre feet of water annually to PID’s water system—meaning that much less needs to be drawn out of Paradise Lake that will conserve our precious water supply that is subject to reoccurring drought conditions.

Air highlighted by the long-awaited release of Nike Air VaporMax.

Highlighted by Release of Nike Air VaporMax

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three years ago Nike launched Air Max Day, a response to global fervor for one of the most beloved footwear platforms of all time. Today, Nike begins a journey to this year’s Air Max Day, a worldwide celebration of

Nike will celebrate Air Max Day on March 26 by marking the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1, the shoe that pushed footwear to unprecedented heights with new cushioning style and performance features. Throughout March, Nike will release a mix of retros, remixes and innovations. This fresh line-up of Air, including the highly anticipated Nike Air VaporMax, represents the latest chapter of Nike’s longstanding commitment to serve athletes. The new product delivers on what consumers want, by transforming the athletic footwear landscape with the most powerful and resilient underfoot platform yet.

“The Nike Air VaporMax is a tremendous example of what happens when we harness the combined insights of our design collective. When designers embrace the technology, and push its potential, we have a boundless future. Just as the Air allows us to run forever, it allows our imaginations to ponder near limitless permutations,” said John Hoke, Vice President, Global Design for Nike.

Air has been an integral part of Nike since it was first introduced in the 1979 Air Tailwind. In the decades since, it’s drawn strong consumer devotion; a massive and passionate consumer fan base that has driven design and depth of product. Nike Air has disrupted the industry with color, materials and the Air platform itself. For the first eight years it was hidden – felt rather than seen. Then, in 1987, it became visible with Air Max. It soon evolved, spreading from running to basketball to training and tennis, all while becoming a coveted lifestyle product across the globe. The line quickly endeared itself to consumers because of its responsiveness to movement, its durability, and its groundbreaking and beautiful design.

Through it all, Nike Air technology has driven the industry forward, and continues to define what’s possible with underfoot cushioning. With Nike Air VaporMax, athletes get closer to the sensation of Air than ever, with layers removed between the foot and the Air platform itself. This innovation and dedication has created a product that consumers are passionate about, and demand year after year – and the Nike Air Max delivers yet again.


The UConn Women’s basketball adds to its incomparable legacy tonight, defeating SMU 88-48 en route to a record 91st consecutive victory. The win makes this streak the longest in NCAA basketball history.

To celebrate this moment, members of the team will receive a commemorative pack equipped with the Kyrie 3 “Grey” colorway and shirt honoring the 91-0 record.

WNBA star Breanna Stewart, who played a central role in a segment of the Huskies’ current run, shares her insider insight into the success of the program.

What does it mean to play for UConn and to be a part of such a dynasty?
Making the decision to play for UConn was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. We are more than a dynasty, we are a family and I’m so happy and proud of my teammates and coaches who have continued the streak.

Are there certain things you learned while playing at UConn that you have kept with you and channel in your professional games now?
The biggest thing that I have learned that I continue to instill in my professional career is how hard you always have to work to reach your goals and to separate yourself from others. At UConn, we do things differently and have a different culture compared to everyone else, that’s what makes us the best.

Describe Coach Auriemma. What’s his mindset like and how has he done such an amazing job year after year to always put the team in a position to not only win, but become the best?
Coach Auriemma is a high intensity guy. He has said so many times that he no longer cares about the wins, but making sure that every player leaves better than when they got to UConn, both on a personal and professional level. When he puts that kind of pressure on himself to help you reach your goals and potential, you don’t want to let him down.

While at UConn, how did you approach each game, knowing you were striving for something special?
Practices were always made to be harder than games at UConn. So when it was game time we took it upon ourselves to show how much we have improved from the last game and trying to complete the perfect game. It is impossible but we like to try to accomplish the impossible.

What do you think this moment means for the players on the current roster?
Matching the 90 game streak and now putting themselves in a class of their own means a lot to the team. Many them have been a part of something special before while at UConn, but this is different. It’s a surreal feeling that will connect a group for the rest of their lives. Every game is a building block for March and being as prepared as possible to go after a National Championship. But moments like this, you have to sit back and realize what has been accomplished and try and live in the moment just a little extra.